Monday, August 17, 2015

Goddess May has arrived!

Well hello there all my little minions!  My name is Goddess May and you'll get to know my style pretty quickly.....let me be clear, it can be HARSH but if you approach me with R-E-S-P-E-C-T  and don't waste my time, I'll usually be open to a chat.  I am 26 years old, I am EXTREMELY dominant, and I know my own power.  I love having my feet worshipped, I wear hosiery ALL the time, and I take advantage of my superiority in every aspect of my life.  There is rarely a day where a pathetic man doesn't sacrifice something to make my life easier.

Brace are about to get your first glimpse at your Owner.....don't continue unless you can afford me!!


Don't these legs and feet deserve the best?  You are here to serve me....get it through your head...

You never had a chance with me....

Would like to see you on the ground there....mouth open...waiting for me to grace it with my spit..

How frustrating it must be to realize you'll never taste these toes!  You can dream....

From a recent European vacation:

So, you must be wondering what you can do to get my attention?  It's really quite simple.  The value of men like you in my life is:

1.  your wallets are usually wide open for me
2.  you can be hilarious to humiliate
3.  your labor often benefits me

However I'm not here just for laughs...I could find any loser in LA and kick them in the balls for laughs any day of the week.  You must bring me something that really gets my attention and keeps me paying attention to you!!  I'm a true femdom and seeking slaves who are serious about their place.

If you feel compelled (and qualified), contact me either at  or on yahoo messenger.

-Goddess May

P.S:  For those who don't believe I am real...



  1. Goddess: I have glimpsed my future here. Thighs of a Goddess shall be massaged by me, you soon to be chastity slave.
    I have no chance to pleasure you sexually.
    I will lie on the ground, mouth open awaiting your heavenly spit
    For You
    Will you take me?

  2. Goddess: I have glimpsed your Thighs of Perfection and my future.
    I serve your thighs.
    I know that I cannot satisfy you sexually but can otherwise (massage, cleanup...)
    I will gladly lie on the ground, mouth open, beneath you, awaiting your spit.
    Please accept me!