Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beautiful weekend

Hey losers...

So after a busy weekend of my inbox filling up with your pathetic messages and a few large gift cards; I thought I'd summarize my life for you (since you don't have your own)...

Do I have your full attention now? :)  Good!  Focus on this:

I had a nice relaxing Saturday, just setting up a nice new office to manage all of you from; went out for a great ice cream and sat in the park enjoying it...and cooked a nice homemade healthy dinner.  Then, sat outside on my patio under the stars and exploited a few paypigs.  Not a bad Saturday, and cashed in over $400 of gift cards for my trouble.  Looks like some of you appreciate your position.  All in all, two more chaste losers on their way to being locked up and quite a few passers-by filling up my wallet.

I'm the real deal; and I expect you to be as well.  Judge for yourself, but don't even bother contacting me unless you think you can play at my level....

Goddess May 

Yahoo: paygoddessmay 
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